Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Famous Mathematics Quotes - Part II

Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.E.) , is one of the famous Greek philosopher, a teacher for Alexander The Great and a student for Plato. Aristotle's contribution toward the Mathematics field is like  Pythagoreans, Logic, Arithmetic and a lot more has been used widely in Modern Maths in 20th and 21th centuries. His favorite Quotes is like :

  • The so-called Pythagoreans, who were the first to take up mathematics, not only advanced this subject, but saturated with it, they fancied that the principles of mathematics were the principles of all things.
  • If this is a straight line [showing his audience a straight line drawn by a ruler], then it necessarily ensues that the sum of the angles of the triangle is equal to two right angles, and conversely, if the sum is not equal to two right angles, then neither is the triangle rectilinear.
  • We cannot ... prove geometrical truths by arithmetic.

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